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2019-2020 Budget Survey

As a part of our budget process for 2019-2020, the IVCSD is conducting two forms of surveys to maximize community input in how tax dollars are spent. 


The first is the budget priorities survey: 

DUE: April 19 2019


The second is the project proposal form: 

DUE: May 1st 2019


The survey will help the Budget Committee shape the funding priorities for the preliminary and final budget presented to the Board of Directors for approval in May. 


The proposal form will work in two ways:


1) Allow the Budget Committee to include grants to non-profit organizations in the IVCSD Budget.

2) Allow anyone to submit one-time project ideas that will be voted on by the community after June 2020 for prioritization through a participatory budget process, these will be funded in ranked order through a limited fund designated in the budget.


Thank you and we look forward to your participation!