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Halloween 2023 Programming Grants

Grant Program Open

IVCSD is offering Pop-Up Halloween Programming Grants and we are looking forward to your submissions! 

This grant is designed for businesses and non-profit organizations that own or operate facilities/venues in Isla Vista to host Halloween pop-up events from October 27-31 2023. $10,000 in funds will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, and programs will be assessed on meeting the programming criteria below.  We have limited availability to use the Community Center for your event and can work with you to identify community spaces. 

We encourage applicants to host their event during times that do not conflict with our Halloween Community Festival on October 28th from 12pm-6pm. Our goal is to maximize funding to provide as many events as possible during the Halloween season. If you would like to participate in our Halloween Community Festival, you may submit a booth application here by October 3rd.

Pop-up events funded by our grant program, as well as other high-impact events identified, will be featured in the District’s outreach campaign for Halloween. This will include a door hanger for every household and social media promotion. 

Grant Requirements

  • Submit an application
  • Enter into a facility use agreement with IVCSD to make your space into a "temporary community facility"
  • Sign a grant agreement form

Pop-Up Programming Criteria:

  • Open to the public
  • Promotes a positive, safe, and healthy environment
  • Draws attendees away from concentrations of private parties
  • Family-friendly

If you have any questions please contact Myah Mashhadialireza at 805-770-2752 ext. 2 or at