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Isla Vista Compost Collective Job Openings

On March 10, 2020 the IVCSD Board of Directors voted to make the Isla Vista Compost Collective a direct service offered to all community members by the IVCSD, with a generous grant from the Associated Students Isla Vista Community Relations Committee. The compost collective was an already existing student organization that is now being transitioned into an IVCSD program.

To begin laying down the organizational framework for the program, the IVCSD is hiring 4 temporary employees (1080 hours of work / per term of employment) through June 30, 2020. In the near future, applications will be open for "Dirtriders" who will be responsible for executing the day to day operations of the compost collection. 

The application period for the following positions is open through April 2nd: Director, Operations Manager, Marketing & Communications Manager, and Development Manager.

Interviews will take place April 3rd and 6th over Zoom.

Interested persons may submit an application for the Dirtrider position to be considered at a later date.

Apply by filling out this form AND submitting a resume & cover letter to: (redacted):

Employment Information:

Pay: $15/hr

5-6 hours per week

Will work remotely during the term of California's shelter in place order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Job Descriptions:

Director ​- The Director is responsible for overseeing marketing, development, and operations of IVCC and reports directly to the General Manager. They work directly with the Marketing and Communications, Development, and Operations Managers to provide general guidance and ensure the overall success of the program as a whole. The Director constantly seeks opportunities for improvement of IVCC and ensures goals are constantly being set and achieved. They lead weekly team meetings with all members and ensure they have the tools and resources needed in order to do their job effectively. The Director is also responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships with other organizations within the community. 

Task Breakdown: 

  • -  Assisting Managers: 40% 
  • -  Meetings: 30% 
  • -  Task Assignment: 20% 
  • -  Check-ins: 10% 

Operations Manager ​- The Operations Manager is in charge of overseeing compost pickup operations and IVCC’s Dirtriders and reports directly to the Director of the Program. This includes organizing schedules, leading weekly meetings, managing data entry, managing supplies, and assisting with any problems that arise during Dirtrider shifts. The Operations Manager ensures the composting service and other programs run smoothly and that quality is consistently upheld by Dirtriders. This position keeps close contact with our participating households to ensure the program is running as it should be. Additionally, the Operations Manager responds to all business inquiries via e-mail and other forms of communication. Lastly, the Operations Manager is also in charge of organizing events and other workshops that are open to Isla Vista’s community. 

Task Breakdown: 

  • -  Managing Dirtriders: 50% 
  • -  Event Organization: 30% 
  • -  Scheduling/Route Logistics: 10% 
  • -  Business Inquiries: 10% 

Marketing and Communications Manager ​- The Marketing and Communications Manager’s job is to oversee all social media usage for IVCC, as well as its internal and external interactions, report directly to the Director of the Program. This extends to organizing group meetings and reaching out to organizations that IVCC wants to collaborate with or seek guidance from. Another important aspect of this role is to solidify and promote IVCC’s brand/mission statement in the Isla Vista area and beyond. 

Task Breakdown: 

  • -  Content Creation: 50% 
  • -  Outreach: 30% 
  • -  Online postings: 20% 

Development Manager - ​The Development Manager oversees the overall development and long-term sustainability of the program regarding funding, documentation, and internal projects and reports directly to the Director of the Program. Specifically, the Development Manager seeks out funding opportunities and prepares all materials related to grant applications and other financial support. They also organize, interpret, and make use of compost collection data in order to communicate the program’s impact and find ways to maximize its efficiency. The Development Manager also works closely with the Director on program budget and expenses. 

Task Breakdown: 

  • -  Grant Proposal Writing: 40% 
  • -  Data Analysis/Reporting: 30% 
  • -  Research: 20% 
  • -  Internal Admin Duties (Budgeting, Calendars, File Management, etc.): 10% 

Dirtrider - ​Dirtriders are responsible for carrying out the logistics of the compost program and report to the Operations Manager. They drop off and pick up five-gallon compost buckets to houses in Isla Vista via bike and cargo trailer. Houses are serviced weekly and buckets are taken to local compost piles where they are sorted and weighed. Dirtriders are also responsible for communicating with their assigned houses via text message about how much was composted and if anything was sorted incorrectly. After sorting and weighing buckets, Dirtriders then redistribute clean buckets to participating houses. 

Task Breakdown: 

  • -  Pick Up/Drop Off: 50% 
  • -  Bucket Cleaning/Prep: 20% 
  • -  Data Entry: 15% 
  • -  House Communication: 15% 

The Isla Vista Community Services District provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical or mental disability or veteran status.