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Isla Vista Halloween 2021

Isla Vista Halloween 2021 Events

Keep it Safe & Keep it Local! Let’s Have a Fun, Safe, & Healthy Halloween in Isla Vista! 

Halloween Costume Contest

Saturday, October 30th at 6pm

Isla Vista Food Co-op at 6575 Seville Road

Participate as an individual or a group costume

$1000 prize to the first place winner

Free and open to everyone

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Saturday, October 30th, 3pm – 6pm

St. George Youth Center at 889 Camino Del Sur

Bring your own pumpkin, tools supplied! 

Open to all ages, contest will be divided by age groups

Prizes include a kayaking tour, zoo membership, gift cards, and more!

Haunt the Loop

Sunday, October 31, 3pm – 5pm

Starting at the Pardall Center at 6550 Pardall Road 

A trick-or-treat experience for Isla Vista youthFree and open to everyone

Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Estero Park at 889 Camino Del Sur

October 27th – 29, 7pm – 11pm

Free and open to everyone

UCSB Student Only Events can be found here

Other Halloween Events can be found here.  

Know Your Rights 

  • If you see someone in an emergency just call 911. The Good Samaritan Law will protect you when you voluntarily assist others in an emergency in good faith, this covers people who are underage drinking and using illegal substances. 
  • Associated Students Legal Resource Center provides free services for UCSB students. Located at The Pardall Center 805-893-4246.
  • Associated Students has compiled information about the rights of all Isla Vista residents and commonly enforced laws both during Halloween and year-round that can be found here:
  • A few ACLU points if you are approached by police:
  • Don't run.
  • Don't argue with the officer.
  • Don't lie about your name. Tell the officer your correct name if asked.
  • Don't give officers permission to search you.
  • Don't resist arrest or interfere with an officer arresting someone else.
  • Don't carry open containers of alcohol in public. 
  • More information on your rights can be found on the AS Halloween website

A message from the St. George Youth Center

  • This year, remember that EVERYONE wants to have fun, including the kids and families of IV! Please be safe for them, yourselves, and your own families. Happy Halloween!

Community Safety Resources 

  • Free Isla Vista Safety Stations on Fridays & Saturdays 8pm-2am at Little Acorn Park top of the Embarcadero loop across from 7-Eleven and at Window to the Sea at 6700 block of Del Playa. Halloween: At Little Acorn Park only from 6pm-2am.
  • Call 805-893-2000 for a free escort by unarmed UCSB CSOs.
  • Survivor Resource Center: Confidential 24/7 Hotline 805-564-3696 provided by Standing Together To End Sexual Assault (STESA). STESA provides information, advocacy, support, accompaniment, and counseling for survivors, their friends & family.
  • Sobering Center: Individuals over the age of 18 who are cooperative with law enforcement during an arrest will be assessed by medical personnel for eligibility. Individuals need to specially request this option and it is not guaranteed. 
  • Restorative Justice Program: A voluntary program that requires eligible participants to attend a two-hour presentation and up to 4 hours of community service in Isla Vista. Upon completion, fines of up to $300 will be waived and the citation will not go on your permanent record. Learn more here
  • Visit the AS Halloween website for more information on citations, street closures, and events.

Mental Health Resources

Keep Yourself & Neighbors Safe

  • Be a responsible party host and register your party. If there’s a noise complaint, the IV Foot Patrol will text you to help prevent a ticket from happening. Register your party on the Isla Vista Foot Patrol website, scroll to the bottom of the page for the registration form. 
  • Look out for yourself, your friends, and your neighbors! Get trained through Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training for free at UCSB CARE. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Have emergency & friends’ numbers ready to use. 
  • Have a plan. Talk with your friends about how you’re going to get home, call a CSO escort or approach a Safety Station, and walk in pairs. 
  • Information about the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol can be found at UCSB's Life of the Party.  
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if participating in social gatherings regularly, it is free & easy. More information can be found here.  
  • Naloxone kits and Fentanyl Test Strips are available anonymously and at no cost through Gauchos for Recovery and can be reached at 805-893-5013. 
  • Practice safe distancing when near the cliffs or at a house near the cliffs. 

SB County Ordinance Info & Parking Restrictions 


  • Begins Tuesday 10/26 - Thursday 11/4 between the hours of 6pm - 7am.
  • No organized outdoor music activity provided by performers or by prerecorded means.
  • No parking on Eastern Trigo 6500 Block on Halloween Weekend.
  • City of Goleta will enforce temporary parking restrictions north of Isla Vista and UCSB. 
  • Halloween fencing is going up on UCSB's campus and in several places in Goleta and Isla Vista to discourage out of town parking during the weekend. In Isla Vista, there is fencing installed along Camino Majorca. Notices were posted in advance of the fencing. 


  • 12am Friday-Saturday, 10pm Sunday-Thursdays
  • Parked cars should not block driveways, red/yellow curbs, or stay in one spot longer than 72hrs - the bus is excellent in IV & to Downtown, easy to ditch the car!

Even More Resources!