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IVCSD Surveys  

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to contribute your thoughts and voice to the IVCSD! The surveys below aim to receive community feedback in order to provide the best services and programs to local Isla Vista residents. Through these surveys, you all have the power to enact real change in the community you live in and ensure your thoughts and voices are represented. All survey responses are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by IVCSD staff in order to take into consideration as much feedback as possible. Please feel free to respond to any survey that pertains to your interests or role in the community. We will continually update this page with our newest surveys for community members, so we encourage you to continually check back for more surveys to participate in. We look forward to reviewing your responses! 

1. IV Free Market Community Survey

What is a Really Free Market?

Click here to watch a video about a woman who began a really free market in her local community.

Should we have one in Isla Vista? 

As a member of our community, we want to hear your input and decide whether a free market would benefit the Isla Vista community. If yes, what would you like to see? If not, what is something you think our community needs? 

This survey should take about 5-7 minutes. We're looking forward to your feedback! Thank you!

English Survey here 

Spanish survey here

2.  Entertainment Search 

Are you a local band, singer, dancer, or performer? Are you looking for gigs or free space to perform?  This form is for you! 

We are trying to create a database of local artists who want to be reached out to when we are looking for entertainment at events. We will send out an entertainment call any time someone at the community center is looking for entertainment and you will be able to sign up for the gig! 

3. Vegan Food Fair Interest Form 

Interested in being a part of our vegan food fair? Fill out the survey here and we will email you with more details and updates about the event.

4. Public Input on Policing & Public Safety in Isla Vista

The Isla Vista Community Services District is seeking public input on public safety and policing in Isla Vista. This information will be used to improve our own public safety services, follow up on real-time issues, discover what potential new services are needed, and summarized to share with the public, law enforcement, county, and university officials.