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HERE ARE SOME tips for Moving Out! If you have COVID-19 related questions please visit here


MOVE OUT DATES: June 10 to June 26, 2020 


Make a Plan: 

  • Make a COVID-19 distancing plan and don’t forget your roommates. 
  • If you have roommates, consider the need for social distancing and plan to move out one at a time to decrease contact -  ask your family and friends to help only during that time, and remember to wear a mask.  
  • We recommend moving out before or after “Move-Out Weekend” (June 13 - 14) 
  • To protect from contracting COVID-19, the IVCSD recommends wearing Paper or Cloth Masks, Plastic Gloves and keeping 6 feet of Social Distance between those you do not live with.  This includes everyone that you are near, except for your roommates and family members.
  • After you finish packing/being outside, please dispose of your Masks and Gloves in the trash.
  • For more information on how Santa Barbara is handling Covid, visit  


Personal Belongings:    
  • If you are planning on selling your items on Free and For Sale, please clean them and practice social distancing when exchanging the items. Remember to wear a mask.
  • If you would like to donate your belongings to the community, please visit one of the local thrift stores or donation centers. 



  • Donate your “in acceptable condition” bike and it will be refurbished and sold at low cost in the SB community.
  • For details contact Christine at:  (redacted)
  • To arrange for the pick-up and donation of 10 or more bikes, call Bici Centro Manager, Michael at:  805-617-3255

For more information visit:


Donate/Sell your Belongings:  
  • The Isla Vista GIVE Benefit Sale is CANCELLED this year. Please keep our community clean and free of hazards by not dumping your trash or large items in the road or public spaces like parks.
  • Starting June 10, 2020, look for an updated list of stores open in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura on the GIVE Sale webpage at:



Electronic Waste Disposal:
  • State of California law prohibits the disposal of electronic waste (anything with a plug or battery) in the trash or in curbside recycling containers.
  • E-waste includes: Cell phones, printer cartridges, small and large appliances, such as TVs, computers, audio and visual equipment.
  • Take your e-waste to one of several drop-off sites within the county or set it aside at the curb line during Move Out. 
  • For more information visit:

For Batteries:

  • Place the batteries in a zip-top plastic bag
  • Put the bag on top of (not inside) your recycling container on your normally scheduled recycling collection day
  • For rechargeable batteries, please tape the ends of each battery with clear tape so that the battery poles are not exposed (skip this step for single-use batteries)
  • For more information visit:


Bulky Items: 
  • DAILY STARTING ON WEDNESDAY 6/10 MarBorg will pick-up a single, bulky item left at the curb, such as a mattress. 
  • DURING MOVE OUT place couches, chairs, bookshelves, items too large for a collection container at the curb line each morning of Move Out
  • DO NOT block access to the sidewalk, keep in mind neighbors who may need to use it while roads are busy during move out.
Regular Trash Pick-up:
  1. Your regular MarBorg WEEKLY WEDNESDAY trash service will continue during move out
  2. DURING MOVE OUT MarBorg will empty dumpsters, recycle containers, and trash bins DAILY, OR AS NEEDED.
  3. FULL DUMPSTER, before overflowing, call 805-963-1852 and request service. 
  4. Green waste, construction material, carpet, paint, lumber, remodeling material, dye, wall, kitchen, or plumbing fixture, and green and hazardous waste DO NOT go into your regular trash bin.
  5. For more information visit:

Donate Non-perishable Food: Food on Wheels: 

  • From now until Sunday June 14, you can drop off your non-perishable food in our colorfully painted trash can drop-off containers located at the IV Food Co-Op (during regular operating hours) OR at Window to the Sea Park (end of 66 DP) between 12pm-4pm
  • For more information visit:"
  • For more information about the IVCC, visit:

Green Waste: 

  • Green waste is any organic waste that can be composted
  • The Isla Vista Composting Collective provides regular composting services throughout the community.
  • Compost now by signing up on the waitlist for the composting program.
  • Sign up and for more information visit:


  • DURING MOVE OUT up until June 14, 2020, the Isla Vista Compost Collective will partner with AS Food Bank and AS Office of the President for this quarterly event. 
  • Take non-perishable food to the Isla Vista Food Co-Op, during regular operating hours, or to Window to the Sea Park (end of 66 DP), between 12 noon to 4:00 pm
  • Place items in the colorfully painted trash can drop-off containers. 
  • For more information follow @ivcompostcollective, @ucsbasfoodbank, and @ucsbpresident on Facebook and Instagram.

The mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in IV.




Community Cleanup

"Keep Isla Vista Beautiful"   
  • DURING the MOVE OUT Dates the Co-op's Patio will be used as a move-out resource zone and hub for supplies to keep IV beautiful
  • Free Moving Boxes are located on the Co-op patio. But don’t take boxes found elsewhere because they go back to the farmers.
  • Grab your gloves and trash bags and help clean the streets of Move-Out litter, collect trash and WIN PRIZES
  • Take your unopened non-perishable foods to the Co-op patio collection bin and help Keep Isla Vista Beautiful 
  • For more information follow:  @ivcompostcollective, @ucsbasfoodbank, and @ucsbpresident on Facebook and Instagram


  • Eco Vista is organizing a community trash clean up with prizes! 
  • All you have to do is post a picture of yourself cleaning up trash on Instagram with the hashtag #dontbetrashyIV between June 11th and June 30th (posts or stories), and you'll be entered into the raffle for a Co-op gift card and more. 
  • Trash bags and gloves will be available at the Community Center, Pardall Center, and Isla Vista Food Co-op from 12 to 6pm from June 11th to the 21st. 
  • Email Gina with questions or check out their Instagram @ecovistacommunity


For more information visit:

Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center 



E-Waste & Household Medications 



MarBorg Industries: