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2018 IV Lighting Expansion Outreach

Beginning during the District’s formation process in 2015 lighting has been identified as a chief need in the community to improve public safety. After the District formed, a survey titled “Better IV for You and Me” was conducted from November 2017 - January 2018 to assess the community’s priorities for a revenue measure. Lighting again rose to the top as one of the highest needs, with 37% of respondents listing it as one of the top 3 needs in Isla Vista. Staff and volunteers then performed a lighting survey in May 2018 to assess the direct lighting needs in neighborhoods around Isla Vista, followed by a similar study by Associated Students in the fall. Throughout the summer and fall of 2018 the Board also heard presentations from CSA 31 and County of Santa Barbara Public Works regarding current funding, lighting plans, and operations. Staff, President Brandt, and Associated Students worked together to analyze the results of the studies and put together this lighting expansion plan to meet the needs identified by the community for improved pedestrian focused lighting to ensure public safety.


In the Preliminary Lighting Expansion Plan, numerous testimonials are voiced by Isla Vista residents who identify lighting as a public safety hazard in Isla Vista.  In November 2018, Associated Students UCSB began a petition with over 200 signatures calling for action to improve the lighting in the community.  Then, in the Winter quarter of 2019, the IVCSD conducted its own community outreach


In order to ensure this lighting expansion is in line with the community’s desires the District will conduct extensive outreach to the community to solicit feedback before moving onto the implementation stage. 


Outreach will be conducted in the following manner:


  1. Lighting Expansion Forum - Associated Students and IVCSD will co-host a session to serve as an opportunity for community members to review the plan, maps, and provide input. 
  2. Door to Door Canvassing - Volunteers will be dispatched to neighborhoods with the targeted lighting expansions to inform residents of the proposed changes, invite them to the forum, and record feedback.
  3. Social Media - Lighting expansion maps will be uploaded to the District’s social media to garner additional input and awareness of the project.
Preliminary Lighting Expansion Plan (1).pdf