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Board Members Bertrand, Brandt, and Freeman here to answer your Questions!

What is the IVCSD? 

The Isla Vista Community Services District is your local government here in Isla Vista. The CSD is here to provide governance, support, resources etc. to residents of Isla Vista. We are made up of a Board of Directors (5 members elected by communtiy, 1 member appointed by UC Santa Barbara, and 1 member appointed by the county of Santa Barbara)

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Who does the IVCSD serve?

We serve all residents of Isla Vista. That includes families, students, long term residents, etc from the 65 block that touches the University all the way to where the 68 block meets Sands beach. This is a map of our service area!

What does the IVCSD do?

Our mission is to offer our community as many services and resources that we can. We are currently working on improving public safety, expanding lighting, offering communtiy programs (Come Check Out Zumba!) and contuing to work with community members to keep IV the beautiful community that it is.