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Board Resolutions

The Isla Vista Community Services District Board of Directors primarily acts through motions and resolutions. Resolutions passed by the Board represent the views of the District. Below is a list of resolutions passed by the Board:


20-7 Election Consolidation

20-6 State of Emergency due to COVID-19

20-5 50 Years of Community Building

20-4 Spring Festival Ad-Hoc Committee

20-3 Climate Emergency

20-2 Support the 2020 Census

20-1 Establishing Finance, Spring Festival and Lighting Committees


19-12 Graffiti Abatement

19-11 Utility User Tax (UUT) on Sanitary Sewer Services

19-10 Recognition of Aidan Dugan Roy and Nick Brenkwitz

19-9 Establishing Legislative Platform Committee

19-8 Establishing Community Advisory Board

19-7 Isla Vista Land Resolution

19-6 Conflict of Interest Resolution

19-5 Honor Service of Susan Yamashiro Milner

19-4 Creation of 2019 Budget Committee

19-3 - Move Board Member Elections to Even Years