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Isla Vista Compost Collective

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The Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee of Isla Vista Surfrider founded Isla Vista Compost Collective (IVCC) in the Fall of 2017, with a goal of enabling more residents in Isla Vista to compost locally, while educating them on how to compost at the same time. In Spring of 2018, IVCC received funding through the Coastal Fund which has allowed the program to expand to where it is today. As of Fall quarter 2019, IVCC services 96 houses in Isla Vista and plans to continue to expand its service throughout the academic year.  And in Winter 2020, the IVCSD absorbed the IVCC to allow the collective to continue its composting services.


How it Works:

IVCC provides households with five gallon buckets and composting guidelines.

We allow every household to compost for a week, then we bike around the community with a cargo trailer and pick up buckets that have been filled with food product.

We bring the collected food product to Estero Park, St. Michael’s Church, and the Methodist Church. We then sort through it and note what was composted incorrectly as well as the weight collected. At Estero Park, our food product is placed in a bin donated by the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division of Santa Barbara County and serviced by MarBorg. At St. Michael’s Church and the Methodist Church, we compost the food product in their community garden compost piles.

After composting, we return clean buckets to our participating households. We then send out group messages to every household detailing what was composted incorrectly, and how much weight was composted. By composting for 96 houses, we are diverting around 1000 lbs. of food product per week from the landfill.


For more information and to sign up for their waitlist, please visit  For new updates on everything the IVCC is doing, follow them on Facebook at