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Isla Vista Safety Stations

booth for safety escorts
safety station flyer

Isla Vista Safety Stations aim to improve the public safety and well-being of the community on its most busy nights. Community Service Officers (CSO), unarmed UCSB student employees of UCPD, work the Safety Stations to provide free and quick responses. This includes safely escorting residents to their homes, water, cell phone charging, a safe space to rest, and to report emergencies. Safety stations operate from 8 PM to 2 AM at Little Acorn Park and Window to the Sea on Friday & Saturday nights. Operated in partnership with UCPD and the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District. 

CSOs are students employed by UCPD to serve all in the greater community of UCSB and Isla Vista and are not law enforcement. CSOs act as a liaison between UCSB students, the community, and the police department. CSOs also provide safety escorts on campus and in Isla Vista to all, including non-UCSB affiliates. CSOs patrol the campus 365 days a year, reporting crimes in progress, assisting in emergency situations, and detecting safety hazards.

CSO Safety Escorts are available for anyone 24/7, 365 days a year, and can be reached at 805-893-2000. Safety Escorts can also be requested through the Blue Emergency Phones located throughout UCSB's campus.

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