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Isla Vista Safety Stations

May contain: person, human, chair, and furniture

Isla Vista Safety Stations aim to improve the public safety and well-being of the community on its most busy nights. Community Service Officers (CSO), unarmed student employees of UCPD, work the Safety Stations to provide free quick response escorts to residents’ homes, free water, cell phone charging, a safe space, and report emergencies on the street. Safety stations operate from 9:45 PM to 4 AM at Little Acorn Park and Window-by-the-Sea. Operated in partnership with UCPD and the IV Recreation and Parks District.

Due to COVID-19 the IV Safety Stations were inactive March-October 2020 and became reactivated Halloween Weekend 2020. However, after the Governor's curfew order they became inactive again and will be reopened in 2021.

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