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Isla Vista Parking Study


In the past, parking studies conducted regarding Isla Vista have yet to include local community oversight or engagement. This study is intended to be locally driven and comprehensive.


IVCSD is working with Dixon Resource Unlimited, as the consultant on this project. The study will conduct a year’s worth of comprehensive data collection of Isla Vista parking, with both quantitative and qualitative data on parking spaces and users. This data will clearly illustrate the ebb and flow of parking demand throughout the day, week, season, and year including during peak times. The study will also consider the complexity of the many agencies serving the Isla Vista area and the many stakeholders involved while focusing on equity.


Based on the data, Dixon will develop several recommendations of options that can alleviate the parking challenges. The study is scheduled to conclude by the end of summer 2024, and the goal is for the final report to be adopted in fall 2024. The IVCSD will then work with all stakeholders to select and implement recommendations incrementally. 


In summary, the project will consist of data collection, community outreach, demonstration projects, an Isla Vista Parking Existing Conditions Report, an Isla Vista Parking Needs Assessment Report, and a set of policy options to meet parking challenges, objectives, and needs for consideration. 


The total cost of the study is $246,000. IVCSD, UC Santa Barbara, and the County of Santa Barbara are funding it at $82,000 each, in order to make this study an equal partnership to solve a shared issue. There is a project steering committee composed of IVCSD, UCSB, and the County.


Our first public parking meeting will be held on September 11th at 5:30pm in the Isla Vista Community Room and over zoom. 




What is your vision for this project?

We envision an equitable Isla Vista where residents and visitors of all ages and abilities are able to move through, to, and from the community safely. This study aims to alleviate the parking challenges that the Isla Vista community faces by incorporating feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders"


When will community outreach begin?

Community outreach will begin in summer 2023 with focus groups and officially kick off in fall 2023 at a town hall meeting in early October. Residents can expect opportunities to engage in workshops, pop-ups, demonstration events, surveys, and will see IVCSD staff out in the community tabling and canvassing to hear more about residents’ experiences with parking in Isla Vista. 


How can I get involved?

This is a community-driven process and the outcomes will be shaped by resident input. We will be hosting community workshops, inviting residents to participate in surveys, hosting demonstrations and pop-up events, tabling, canvassing, and more. Please sign up for our email updates and follow us on Instagram @islavistacsd & Facebook "Isla Vista Community Services District - IVCSD." If you have any questions or comments, please contact


When will the Parking Study be complete? 

IVCSD staff, with assistance from Dixon and community partner organizations and volunteers, will be organizing, planning, and executing community outreach and engagement activities that feed into the Isla Vista Parking Existing Conditions Report and the Isla Vista Parking Needs Assessment Report. That project is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2024.


Read more here:

Isla Vista Parking Study Proposal 09-20-2022-1.pdf