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Isla Vista Beautiful

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In partnership with the United Way of Northern Santa Barbara County and the SeeClickFix app, IVCSD created the Isla Vista Beautiful program.  The Beautification program serves to enhance our community by empowering our most vulnerable residents with work experience. This gives our residents a chance to improve the community while also working towards a better future. Residents are able to report graffiti, vandalism, dim or absent street lighting, obstructions to the right of way, and public garbage to be handled by the IV Beautiful staff. 

To report an issue, download the SeeClickFix mobile app on Android or iPhone or follow this link.

Employee Spotlight: 

This month's spotlight goes to our crew member Jessica Schofield. Since starting with us, Jessica has collected over 200lbs of trash per week. She regularly removes graffiti and enjoys landscaping. Jessica is an outstanding member of both our team and the Isla Vista Community.


In the News:

Isla Vista Beautification Program Provides Work for Local Houseless People: Ron Moomey was featured in the UCSB Newspaper, the Daily Nexus.  Ron is one of the pioneers of the Isla Vista Beautiful program and made a positive impact on the community in only a few months.  Ron is just the first success story, and the IVCSD hopes to expand the program to employ more of the unsheltered community. You can read the full article here

Isla Vista Beautiful: Restoring Dignity While Cleaning up the Community: Many residents of Isla Vista have experienced the growing challenge of homelessness, like many other communities across America. To address the problem, Isla Vista CSD came up with a way to address both blight and homelessness with a program that leverages existing non-profit programs and civic tech. Residents are now able to report on and upload pictures of quality of life issues in the community.  You can read the full article here