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Isla Vista Beautiful


The Isla Vista Beautiful Program originally came to life in 2019 thanks to the United Way of Northern Santa Barbara County as a way to enhance our community by empowering our most vulnerable residents with work experience. As of 2022, the IVCSD has fully adopted the Isla Vista Beautiful Program. Our focus is on creating efficient and effective beautification procedures to tackle a number of issues in Isla Vista including but not limited to trash pickup, weed removal, graffiti abatement, street light additions, and reparations, as well as business and residential facade improvements. Another important goal is to facilitate a more sustainable and less disruptive move-out process at the end of each school year.

Though Isla Vista is only one square mile in size, identifying and addressing the beautification needs throughout its entirety requires help from the whole community. This is why we have partnered with the See Click Fix app which provides a way for community members to easily submit beautification requests to the Isla Vista Beautiful team.


Please consider downloading the SeeClickFix app and using the "Your Guide to SeeClickFix" webpage as your guide. SeeClickFix can also be accessed via your web browser here

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We highly value ideas and feedback regarding the beautification of Isla Vista and invite you to fill out the following survey

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What has the IVB Team been up to?

 IVB Spotlight 

Isla Vista Beautiful recently partnered with Cox Communications to remove 341 pairs and over 585 pounds of shoes from communication lines along the street. Thanks to the non-profit Good Samaritan, most of these shoes got a second chance. They were donated to members of our community who need them the most. We want to give a big thanks to Cox Communications and Good Samaritan for allowing this project to unfold. We look forward to continuing to collect and donate shoes as well as use this experience to prompt those in Isla Vista to donate their shoes to those in need rather than allowing them to litter the streets. 

May contain: road, transportation, and vehicle

In the News:

IV Community Services District Hires New Isla Vista Beautiful Manager: IVCSD has fully adopted the Isla Vista Beautiful program, a previous partnership with United Way. The District hired Jenna Norton, Isla Vista Beautiful Program Manager, to oversee a crew of workers who identify and respond to beautification issues in the Isla Vista Community. Jenna collaborates with local stakeholders to reduce waste, increase sustainability, and beautify the community. You can read the full article here

Isla Vista Beautification Program Provides Work for Local Houseless People: Ron Moomey was featured in the UCSB Newspaper, the Daily Nexus.  Ron is one of the pioneers of the Isla Vista Beautiful program and made a positive impact on the community in only a few months.  Ron is just the first success story, and the IVCSD hopes to expand the program to employ more of the unsheltered community. You can read the full article here

Isla Vista Beautiful: Restoring Dignity While Cleaning up the Community: Many residents of Isla Vista have experienced the growing challenge of homelessness, like many other communities across America. To address the problem, Isla Vista CSD came up with a way to address both blight and homelessness with a program that leverages existing non-profit programs and civic tech. Residents are now able to report on and upload pictures of quality of life issues in the community.  You can read the full article here