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Meet our Staff

General Manager:

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Jonathan Abboud

As the General Manager, Jonathan oversees all of the services, finances, and employees of the IVCSD. Former AS President and current member of the SBCC District Board of Trustees, Abboud is experienced in community leadership and activism, having played an integral role in the creation of the IVCSD as the co-founder of the Isla Vista Self Governance Initiative.


Assistant General Manager:

Debra Anderson

As the Assistant General Manager, Debra ensures that the day-to-day functions of the IVCSD run smoothly.


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Community Engagement Director:

Sydney Casler

As the Community Engagement Director, Sydney will take the lead in planning, developing, managing, and executing the District’s community engagement initiatives, including education, advocacy, communication, and outreach.



2021-2022 Interns:  

Sara Rubin

Sara is a 3rd-year Political Science major at UCSB with a passion for international relations, public policy, and law. With her experience in community organizing and advocating for underserved groups in law, Sara works collaboratively with other interns to improve and greater serve the Isla Vista community. 

Abigail Suratos

Abigail is a 4th-year Political Science and Environmental Studies Double Major at UCSB with an interest in public policy and law. She utilizes her past experience in community outreach and project coordination to advocate for community members while helping implement sustainable, long-term improvements in Isla Vista.