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Emergency Preparedness

IVCSD encourages all residents to be prepared for various emergencies. Please find Santa Barbara County emergency preparedness resources here

Visit Ready California and Listos California for more information on how you can get prepared for the next disaster. 

Visit a National public service campaign designed to educate and empower people to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters. 

Local County Resources


  • Be sure you are signed up for local emergency alerts with both Santa Barbara County and the City of Goleta.
  • Make a family communication plan and talk to your kids about emergencies that could happen at home and away. Resources for kids, teens, and the whole family are available here
  • Build a Kit: The key is to personalize your kit based on your needs, your family need, and any pet needs. Think about dietary restrictions, prescription medications, important documents, and pictures. Create a Go-Bag, a bag meant to be stored away somewhere safe but can be accessed at a moment's notice. Learn how to build a kit here.  
  • Create a commuter plan, found here.
  • Download the FEMA app on your smartphone by searching in the App Store.

Preparedness Materials 

Santa Barbara County’s 211 Website

2-1-1 is a comprehensive information database connecting people quickly and effectively to health and human services, disaster relief, and public information depending on an individual's zip code. Some of these primary resource support categories include housing, food, financial support, senior, child, and family support, employment, and mental wellness. To learn more or search for various health providers in your local area, please click here, or call (800) 400-1572.

Office of Access and Functional Needs (OAFN) within the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Given that many underserved communities, including individuals living with disabilities, are disproportionately impacted by emergencies and disasters, the OAFN’s mission is to “identify the needs of individuals with disabilities and others with access or functional needs before, during, and after disasters and to integrate them into the State's emergency management systems.” To read more about the OAFN’s continual work, please visit here. 

Their webpage also provides a comprehensive resource library that describes various areas and subcategories of emergency planning and support (ex. sheltering, COVID-19, transportation guidelines)

For general inquiries, questions, and concerns please visit the OAFN website or contact the Santa Barbara County Office.  For more information about the Office of Access and Functional Needs, you can listen to the All Hazards podcast here. 

California Foundation for Independent Living Center (CFILC): Disability Disaster Access & Community Resources

The mission of this coalition was created by and for the disability community, providing comprehensive outreach and resources to prepare all community members before, during, and after emergencies occur.

To learn more about their workshops, read their resource guides,  or apply to their services, please visit their homepage here.

Contact Information:

  • CFILC Phone: (916) 737-5311 
  • Join their Various Mailing Lists here

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies (The Partnership) is the only U.S. disability-led organization that prioritizes equity, access, disability rights, disability justice, and full inclusion of people with disabilities, older adults, and people with access and functional needs (AFN) before, during and after disasters and emergencies. To learn more, visit their website here

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