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2021 IVCSD Board of Directors Election Information

Interested in Running for Office and Serving Your Community? 

This November seats are open to run for on the Isla Vista Community Services District Board of Directors. This is the first election since the vote for the formation of the District in November 2016. Below is information about the IVCSD and the process to sign up and run for office.

IVCSD Mission: 

The Isla Vista Community Services District aims to improve the resources available to the community, ensure a high quality of life and level of public safety, and provide a local voice to the people of Isla Vista. The District will work to prioritize community engagement as it delivers localized public services and maximizes the resources available to the community.

IVCSD Vision: 

A voice for Isla Vista, by Isla Vista, building the community we deserve.

IVCSD Values:

  • Community engagement and transparent decision making
  • Efficient and innovative use of public tax dollars
  • Pursuit of ambitious change for our community
  • Social justice centered while putting people first
  • Constituent service and education
  • Safety, wellbeing, and enjoyment for all in Isla Vista
  • Celebrating diverse perspectives and ideas 
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Packed IVCSD Board meeting, discussing plans for Deltopia


IVCSD Board of Directors - Who are they and what do they do?

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IVCSD Board of Directors and GM

The IVCSD Board of Directors is composed of 7 Directors, 5 of which are elected by the community, 1 appointed by the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and 1 is appointed by the County of Santa Barbara.  The Board of Directors meet twice a month on Tuesdays at 6 PM to discuss the most pressing issues in Isla Vista and determine how best allocate the funding of the CSD.  As a Director, one represents their community and has the power to address concerns of community members. The IVCSD Board of Directors is similar to a city council, Board members vote on direction and priorities while the General Manager and staff handle the day-to-day business of the IVCSD. 

[Note: Directors are also paid $100 for every meeting they attend]

IVCSD Policy Manual

IVCSD 2020-2021 Budget with descriptions of IVCSD programs

IVCSD Board Goals 2019-2022

If you are interested in running for office:

Eligible candidates must be registered voters of the district, live within the district for their entire term, and must file a Declaration of Candidacy, in person or by mail, and meet Nomination requirements between July 13, 2020 and August 7, 2020 by 5:00 p.m.  For more information and for a Calendar of Events, see the following attachment or visit the Santa Barbara County Elections Office

Candidate Filing Guide

 For 2020, there are offices open for election.

1 seat(s) on the Board of Directors for a Term of 2 years (Dec 2020 - Dec 2022)

seat(s) on the Board of Directors for a Term of 4 years (Dec 2020 - Dec 2024)



Residents who are 18 years old and a US citizen are eligible to register to vote in Isla Vista. Only residents registered to vote within Isla Vista participate in the IVCSD election.  As shown below, the map details the boundaries of Isla Vista. All residents registered to vote will receive a mail in ballot this year. Locations to drop off ballots will be published soon. Register to vote here


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A map of the boundaries of the IVCSD, the four white parcels are owned by the University of California and are within the boundaries of the District. They include IV Theater, IV Foot Patrol Station, Dublins/Precious Slut, Westgate Apartments, and El Dorado Apartments.