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As a Last Resort,  send items to the landfill

Please only dispose of items that are in unusable condition

STARTING ON WEDNESDAY 6/12 and ENDING at 12pm FRIDAY 6/28 at noon, MarBorg will have trash trucks out in Isla Vista all day collecting bulky items and other discarded material from the Curbside as well as emptying trash bins.  

  • DO place your items outside on the curb line every morning during Move Out
  • DO NOT place items on curb after 5pm.
  • DO NOT block access to the sidewalk, keep in mind neighbors who may need to use it while roads are busy during move-out.
  • Marborg will NOT go down driveways or onto private property to pick up any bulky items placed next to a dumpster or dumped at the rear of a property. There will be no exceptions. 
  • The following materials are NOT accepted at curbside: green waste, construction material (e.g. carpet, lumber, paint, etc.), any remodeling material, including dry wall, kitchen, or plumbing fixtures, and hazardous waste.
  • Except at the curb line for disposal during Move Out, ANY upholstered indoor furniture stored on the exterior of ANY structure in Isla Vista is a violation of Chapter 17-9 and is eligible for a $535 citation; no exceptions. This is enforced year-round!
  1. Your regular MarBorg trash service will continue during move-out
  2. DURING MOVE OUT MarBorg will empty dumpsters, recycle containers, and trash bins DAILY, OR AS NEEDED.
  3. FULL DUMPSTER? Before overflowing, call Marborg at 805-963-1852 and request service. 
  4. Green waste, construction material, carpet, paint, lumber, remodeling material, drywall, kitchen, or plumbing fixtures, and green and hazardous waste DO NOT go into your regular trash bin. Please contact Marborg Industries for additional services to remove construction material at an added cost. You may also drop these off yourself at the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station.
  5. For more information visit: