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Bluff Erosion Update: 2024, Feb 19

⚠️Notice to Landowners/Occupants from Santa Barbara County:

The National Weather Service has indicated that there will be heavy rains starting Sunday night 2/18/24. Heavy rain is possible Sunday 2/18/24 through Wednesday 2/21/24. Rainfall may continue through Thursday 2/22/24. With this storm there could be high surf. Several nighttime high tides in excess of five feet are forecast. Because of the combination of heavy rain, potential for high surf, and high tides there is potential for bluff erosion. It is recommended that people do not go out on the bluffs or bluff top decks/patios.
Please refer to for updates on the storm.
If there is an emergency please call 911.
If you have any questions regarding the storm please contact:
• The County’s Emergency Operations Call Center 833-688-5551 OR
• County Building Official, Craig Johnson, at 805-568-2000 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F)

⚠️ The following properties are being monitored by the County of Santa Barbara because there has been a bluff failure on the property or it could be subject to bluff failure. ⚠️
6595 Del Playa
6613 Del Playa
6619 Del Playa
6645 Del Playa
6653 Del Playa
6663 Del Playa
6701 Del Playa
6703 Del Playa
6741 Del Playa
6743 Del Playa
6745 Del Playa
6747 Del Playa
6757 Del Playa
6761 Del Playa
6765 Del Playa
6767 Del Playa


Warning sign listing properties monitored by Santa Barbara County due to potential bluff failure.
Infographic with storm safety tips for living on the oceanside, including advice on bluffs, cliffs, rockfalls, tides, and reporting erosion.