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Bulky Item Guide

Illustration showing how to handle bulky items sustainably before moving out.
A flyer promoting UCSB's GIVE Sale, highlighting the donation of items in good condition, with pros and cons listed.

UCSB's GIVE Benefit Sale


An infographic with tips on selling items online, pros and cons of this method, and suggested platforms like Facebook and Craigslist.
Infographic about online giveaways, advocating listing items for free online to increase sustainability and avoid landfill waste. Pros and cons listed.
Infographic suggesting to donate to local thrift stores, mentioning pros like sustainability, availability, and cons regarding bulky items and transport.
Infographic about sending bulky items to the landfill as a last resort with pros (easy, no transport needed) and cons (not sustainable, overwhelms facilities).

Marborg's Bulky Item Pickup

  • Every Wednesday bulky items like unwanted furniture are picked up at the curb by MarBorg Industries. Items should be put out Tuesday night but no earlier than Tuesday afternoon. White goods, like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens are picked up on Thursdays and should be placed on the curb Wednesday evening. Take advantage of this service year-round!
  • MarBorg also offers bulky item pick-up every day during the annual move-out period. Move-out begins the Wednesday before graduation and lasts for two weeks. You can put out any bulky items at any time during this period. Remember: Depositing litter on private, open, or vacant property is a violation of Santa Barbara County Code and California Penal Code. Find more information on our Illegal Dumping page.