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Deltopia 2022 Events + Resources

Deltopia 2022 Events + Resources

Let's Keep it Safe, Keep it Local

IVCSD Spring Festival

Saturday, April 2nd  |  12pm-5:30pm  |  Isla Vista Community Center & Perfect Park

Isla Vista Community Center & Perfect Park 

Lounge areas, great food, and free water! 

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2022 Events 

The Office of the Associated Students External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA) will be hosting a number of workshops to help the community prepare for Deltopia:

  • Know Your Rights Workshop
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention Training
  • Naloxene Training

For additional information, or to participate in these trainings please contact: AS EVPLA

Friday, April 1

Warm Up at the RecCen

8pm – Midnight  |  UCSB Rec Cen MAC & Courtyard

The Department of Recreation and Life of the Party have partnered to host an awesome night of rollerskating, DJ, movie on the big screen, Esports party games, a Super Smash Bros tournament, and free s’mores, popcorn, and pizza! Open to UCSB students only. Jam out and skate into the Spring Quarter with us! Learn more here

Saturday, April 2

Pardall Center Chill Zone

10:30am-4:30pm | Pardall Center at 6550 Pardall Road

The Associated Students Pardall Center will feature a chill zone, with restrooms, free masks and information about available resources. Relax in our comfortable seating, pick up a bottle of water, and grab a free mask while enjoying a little shade. Learn about the special Festival Ordinance and your rights. A limited number of free gift cards will be available to the IV Food Co-op or the UCSB Campus Bookstore, on a first come first served basis for UCSB students. Learn more here

IVCSD Spring Festival

Saturday, April 2nd  |  12pm-5:30pm  |  Isla Vista Community Center & Perfect Park

Isla Vista Community Center & Perfect Park 

Lounge areas, great food, and free water! 

The Warm Up Concert

7 pm – 10pm  |  UCSB Events Center

Associated Students Program Board is hosting its annual Warm Up Concert. Doors open at 5:30pm. Tickets are $5 for UCSB students only and will be available the first week of Spring quarter online from the AS Ticket Office. Capacity of the event will be limited. Attendees will be asked to show their daily COVID screening badge and to wear face masks. Please check out @asprogramboard on Instagram or the event page for more information! 

Let’s Have a Fun, Safe & Healthy Year in Isla Vista 

Know Your Rights 

  • If you see someone in an emergency just call 911. The Good Samaritan Law will protect you when you voluntarily assist others in an emergency in good faith, this covers people who are underage drinking or using illegal substances. 
  • Associated Students Legal Resource Center provides free services for UCSB students only. Located at The Pardall Center 805-893-4246.
  • A few ACLU points if you are approached by police:
  • Don't run.
  • Don't argue with the officer.
  • Don't carry open containers of alcohol in public. 
  • Don't lie about your name.
  • Tell the officer your correct name if asked.
  • Don't give officers permission to search you.
  • Don't resist arrest or interfere with an officer arresting someone else.

Community Safety Resources 

  • Isla Vista Safety Stations on Fridays & Saturdays 8pm-2am at Little Acorn Park & Window to the Sea on 66 DP. Free services: safety escorts, water, cell phone charging, a safe space to rest, and to report emergencies. Call 805-893-2000 or walk up for a safety escort by CSOs, unarmed UCSB students. Saturday 4/2: at Little Acorn Park only from 12pm-2am. 
  • Survivor Resource Center: Confidential 24/7 Hotline 805-564-3696 provided by Standing Together To End Sexual Assault (STESA). STESA provides information, advocacy, support, accompaniment, and counseling for survivors, their friends & family.
  • Sobering Center: Individuals over the age of 18 who are cooperative with law enforcement during an arrest will be assessed by medical personnel for eligibility. Individuals need to specially request this option and it is not guaranteed. 
  • Restorative Justice Program: A voluntary program that requires eligible participants to attend a two-hour presentation and up to 4 hours of community service in Isla Vista. Upon completion, fines of up to $300 will be waived and the citation will not go on your permanent record. Learn more here

Mental Health Resources

Keep Yourself & Neighbors Safe

  • Be a Responsible Party Host Register your party. If there’s a noise complaint, the IV Foot Patrol will call you to help prevent a ticket from happening. Register your party on the Isla Vista Foot Patrol website, scroll to the bottom of the page for the registration form. 
  • Look out for yourself, your friends, and your neighbors! Get trained through Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training for free at UCSB CARE. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings, have emergency & friends’ numbers ready to use. 
  • Have a plan. Talk with your friends about how you’re going to get home, call a CSO safety escort or approach a Safety Station, and walk in pairs. 
  • Information about the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol can be found at UCSB's Life of the Party.  
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if participating in social gatherings regularly, it is free & easy. More information can be found here
  • Naloxone kits and Fentanyl Test Strips are available anonymously and at no cost through Gauchos for Recovery and can be reached at
  • Practice safe distancing when near the cliffs or at a house near the cliffs. Please also be mindful of too many people on a balcony at once. 
  • Restrooms and Handwashing Stations: There are a number of parks in IV with public restrooms: Anisq’Oyo’ Park, Little Acorn Park and Perfect Park on the Embarcadero Del Norte side of the park. There will be additional portable restrooms and handwashing stations available at the Pardall Center and at Little Acorn Park over the weekend.
  • Remember to lock your door and windows. 

SB County Ordinance & Parking Information 

  • Weekend of 4/1 & 4/2 Festival Ordinance: Friday 4/1, Saturday 4/2, and Sunday 4/3 between the hours of 6pm - 7am. No organized outdoor music activity provided by performers or by prerecorded means.
  • The City of Goleta will enforce its temporary parking permit program within its boundaries, it does not apply in Isla Vista. 
  • UCSB’s campus and housing is closed to overnight visitors and guest parking Friday-Monday, April 1-4.
  • Year-Round Noise Ordinance: 12am Friday-Saturday, 10pm Sunday-Thursday. Parked cars should not block driveways, red/yellow curbs, or stay in one spot longer than 72hrs - the bus is excellent in IV & to Downtown, easy to ditch the car!

Closures & Restrictions 

  • Beach Closures: All beaches in Isla Vista and the UCSB Campus will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. Isla Vista beaches will be closed from Friday, 4/1, at 2pm to Sunday, 4/3, at 6pm.
  • Isla Vista Street Closures and Parking Restrictions: Currently the only planned street closures and parking restriction in Isla Vista will be the 6500 block of Trigo. There will be no parking on this block and vehicles must be moved by 5pm on Friday, April 1 until Sunday, April 3.
  • Police roadblocks may be placed at six intersections on Friday, April 1, through Sunday, April 3, if needed. If roadblocks are placed, vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit the area through roadblocks from 4pm nightly to 6am the following morning
  • Residents on some streets may be asked to move their vehicles (look for signs posted in these areas) to allow emergency vehicles to better access the area. It is recommended that residents on the following streets move their cars:
  • 6500-7600 Blocks of Del Playa
  • Camino del Sur between Del Playa and Trigo
  • Camino Pescadero between Del Playa and Trigo
  • El Embarcadero between Del Playa and the top of the Loop
  • Camino Majorca between Del Playa and Pasado
  • Contact: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (805) 481-4179

Even More Resources!