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Do's & Dont's + Preventative Resources

Isla Vista is home to a unique landscape that while beautiful, can pose many dangers to its residents. The IVCSD has compiled a list of do's and don'ts for residents as they reside and engage in activities around the bluffs. Above are some resources you can utilize if an event becomes a safety risk. Please keep these tips in mind as each and every person has the ability to be an active bystander and save a life.

When signs of cliff erosion occur we urge residents to report the incidents to the respective parties in order to prevent potentially dangerous accidents from occurring.

Links & Suggested Resources:

  • SB County Building Inspector: 805-568-2076
  • IVFP Non-Emergency: 805-683-2724
  • 24/7 Safety Escort Phone Line: 805-893-2000
  • UCSB's Alcohol and Drug Program provides free Naloxone kits in Embarcadero Hall. You can find the current distribution hours here. More resources can be found here.
  • SBCC students can benefit from The Anchor Program which offers a number of resources including counseling, education, prevention, early intervention, and more. More information can be found here
  • More information on Stop the Bleed training can be found here
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