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Interpersonal Violence Investigator: Support for Justice Seekers


  • Empowering survivors pursuing criminal legal action against perpetrators


  • Individualized advocacy and criminal legal guidance
  • Flexibility to change paths at any time
  • Advocates are available to support you through the process (We recommend always connecting with an advocate first) 
    • Explore available advocate services here
  • Access to Kovena, our Investigator 
  • Survivor Resource Guide


A person in police uniform doing a yoga pose in a natural setting.

Meet Kovena, our Investigator

Fun facts about Kovena:

  • I have goats and chickens
  • I am a yoga teacher
  • I am a mom of teenagers
  • Although I am Mexican, I grew up in the Danish capital of America
  • I am a certified sound healer




Learn More About Kovena's Role and the Criminal Justice Seeking Process

 In this video,  STESA interviews Kovena, our investigator, to learn more about her role in the community and how she plays a part in Isla Vusta's survivor resource network. Watch this video if you're curious about:

  • What is Koevna's role, and what does it entail?
  • What inspired Kovena to pursue this career?
  • What does the process look like if a survivor decides to meet with Kovena?
  • What is Kovena's favorite activity in Isla Vista?
  • What does Kovena do to practice self care?


  • What does a trauma informed interview look like?
  • Can I change my mind? What is the process for that?
  • In what cases, do I not have agency over my case?
  • How long can this process take?
  • Is a clery warning going to be released on my case? 
  • What does “trauma informed” mean to you? 
  • Can I meet with you only to talk about reporting options without disclosing details about myself?
  • If this wasn’t your job, what would your job be?
  • What do you do in your time off?
  • What is one piece of advice you would offer to a victim?
  • What is a sart exam and do I need to have one to pursue criminal legal action?