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Isla Vista Community Resource Building Security Notice

The Isla Vista Community Resource Building at 970 Embarcadero Del Mar, also known as the IV Clinic building, saw an increase in our unsheltered neighbors residing at the building since the start of 2020. In recent months, people working in this building, providing public services, and community members receiving those services began experiencing unsafe behaviors, derogatory comments, and a lack of cleanliness posing potential health hazards in the area. Several emergency exit routes were blocked as well creating a hazard for these users. 

In order to provide safe and clean public facilities for all Isla Vista community members, IVCSD partnered with the 2nd District County Supervisor’s office, County Housing and Community Development Division, County General Services, Isla Vista Foot Patrol, Americorps, Home for Good, Good Samaritan (operating Hedges House of Hope in Isla Vista), and New Beginnings to find ways to best support our neighbors and resolve the issues experienced by building staff and healthcare patients. People camping at the facility were offered housing, some were placed into various housing options, and provided other services multiple times throughout 2022 through City Net, Americorps, and Home for Good and they will continue to do so while communicating this response.

The following response has been developed to support individuals residing around the building, building staff, healthcare patients, and other users:

  1. People are permitted to sleep on the property between the hours of 10pm-7am daily. Sleeping is not permitted in front of doors/offices, mailboxes, and stairwells to allow for evacuation routes to remain clear and access to the building remains available outside of regular office hours. Storing belongings on site is not permitted. Public restrooms are located close by at Little Acorn Park and People’s Park. 
  2. A proactive and consistent presence of outreach staff to ensure people are offered services and housing. This building has served as a Coordinated Entry location with Home for Good SB County and staffed by Americorps members for 4 years and will continue to be on Wednesdays and Fridays 12:30-2:30pm.
  3. Overnight parking is permitted for participants of the Safe Parking Program through New Beginnings, sign up: by calling (805) 845-8492 or email
  4. A security guard will be available at the building 7am-7pm every day of the week to provide a safety presence for building staff, healthcare patients, and other users; and assist with communicating these requirements and services. 
  5. Fliers will be placed around the building with a list of resources to contact should anyone need support at other times.  

The Community Resource Building and adjacent Isla Vista Community Center remain a clean and safe place for all Isla Vista community members to enjoy.