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Isla Vista Community Services District Electric Bike Mechanic/Engineer

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Isla Vista compost pile locations, IVCSD community spaces, and remote work

Isla Vista, CA 93117


$75 / hour, 2 hours every other week 




For Isla Vista, by Isla Vista, building the community we deserve.


Isla Vista, CA is a close-knit oceanside town along the South-Central Coast in Santa Barbara County. It is known for its youthful atmosphere and the adventurous spirit of its residents. The Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD) was formed in early 2017 (Pursuant to Government Code § 61250) after decades of struggles for self-governance by the residents of this unincorporated community. The District’s adopted 2021-2022 budget includes $1.3 million for community facilities and programs, public safety services, a rental housing mediation program, a community beautification program, a compost collection service, and more. We have a small staff of a General Manager, Community Engagement Director, Compost Collective Program Manager, Isla Vista Beautiful Program Manager, and Community Spaces Program Manager; along with many contractors and community partners. 


The mission of IVCC is to provide a free and reliable composting service for Isla Vista residents. IVCC serves the IV community by providing a service that reduces our carbon footprint, diverts waste, and promotes the health of our local soil and ecosystems (via community compost piles and educational events).


  • Maintain all IVCSD electric bicycles to appropriate safety and professional levels
  • Maintain detailed record of all work performed  and providing yearly reports 
  • Examines bicycle and identifies parts that may need to be repaired, replaced, or otherwise modified.
  • Assist Program Managers in maintaining all bicycle part inventories and cleaning supplies
  • Assist Program Managers in purchasing proper tools necessary to maintain bike, and development of inventory and scheduling system to use and maintain over time
  • Emergency or wear and tear related fixes to bikes (short notice)
  • Regular maintenance (2 hours every other week)
    • Checks tire pressure, lubes both chains on each bike, brief wellness check and small fixes (currently taking place inside community center)
  • Assist Program Managers in developing safety, maintenance, and liability related policies for various scenarios possible with daily use of the electric bikes
  • Trains all new staff on the electric bike safely using a series of workshops spread out through their onboarding process, to ensure safety and other bike related policies are clearly understood and enforced
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Installs, repairs, and replaces various equipment including handlebars, stands, lights, and seat.
  • Aligns wheels of bicycle.
  • Installs new vehicle parts or accessories as directed.
  • Disassembles axles when required to repair, modify, or replace faulty parts.
  • Repairs broken or cracked frames.
  • Develops charging and scheduling system, by identifying and monitoring mileage use associated with each program/ activity, and uses findings to direct staff


  • Electric bike mechanics
  • Google Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration
  • Community engagement and/or organizing
  • Social media applications
  • iOS or Android applications (in order to use the See Click Fix App)
  • Zoom, and/or other virtual meeting platforms
  • Agile/SCRUM/Kanban work systems/methodologies are preferred but not required
  • Some knowledge of local government in California is preferred but not required


  • Represent the District in a professional and courteous manner
  • Use both written and oral forms of communication 
  • Work cooperatively with IVCSD staff
  • Clearly communicate with others within and outside of the workplace
  • Work in a collaborative environment
  • Plan, develop, revise, and complete projects in a timely manner
  • Be organized and have good time management skills
  • Problem solve and maintain a solution-oriented mindset to formulate new and innovative solutions.
  • Ability to perform necessary physical tasks such as lifting up to 40 lbs (minimum qualification for this role)
  • Walk or bike around the community using the CSD’s E-bike


  • Has strong interpersonal skills and active listening skills to build rapport with community members and listen carefully to their perspectives and needs
  • Pays strong attention to detail
  • Has the willingness to understand and be a part of Isla Vista’s unique community culture
  • Can work independently or in a team structure as needed
  • Maintains a friendly, professional, and approachable demeanor
  • Keeps internal matters confidential
  • Has a passion for building community 
  • Often utilizes Isla Vista’s public spaces

All employees of the IVCSD are public servants of Isla Vista and represent a community investment in good governance. As such, employees shall strive to be efficient in their service and conduct themselves professionally and courteously in all dealings with the public and fellow employees. IVCSD Policy Manual


Some completed coursework leading to an undergraduate degree or certificate and/or related work experience is preferred but not required.

Recruitment Opens: May 16
Deadline for Applications: May 22
Invitations to Interview: May 22
Interviews Conducted: May 23
Target Hire Date: May 24


Submit a resume and cover letter to General Manager Jonathan Abboud, at by May 22 at 10am. 

Fill out google application:

The Isla Vista Community Services District provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, or veteran status