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Library Bookvan Serving Isla Vista 

The Bookvan operates Monday through Friday with stops throughout the Isla Vista area. The specialty van will be able to hold approximately 500 books and will be powered with Wi-Fi and a solar battery.

The Bookvan will provide library services to the wider Isla Vista community with the delivery of books, audiovisual materials, Library of Things items, technology, craft kits for kids, honor system books, free books, and more. Library cards will be issued to anyone who wants one. There will be WiFi available near the van so that people can download some of the more than one million items available through the Goleta Valley Library databases.

The Bookvan schedule repeats every two weeks and is available here and here on the Library’s website. The schedule can also be found on our Community Calendar. The stops include the Isla Vista Friendship Manor, St. George’s Teen Center, IV Community Center, Storke Community Center, Estero Park, Studio Plaza Apartments, Sea Lookout Park, Perfect Park, UCSB Early Childhood, West Campus Playground, and Isla Vista Elementary School.

Materials will be provided in English, Spanish, and Simple Chinese, reflecting some of the main languages used in Isla Vista. 

There is a book return at the Isla Vista Community Center for people to return items early or if they cannot meet the Bookvan at one of its scheduled stops.

For more information on the Library Bookvan contact Library Director Allison Gray at 805-562-5502 or