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Purchase our Community-Made Compost and Potting Mix!

Purchase Online:

To make an online purchase, head to our Shopify. At checkout, please select either free delivery in Isla Vista or in-person pickup at Mission Refill

Purchase In-Person:

To shop our products in-person, visit IV Food Co-op or Agri-Turf Supplies



Compost: Carefully crafted from a combination of diverted food scraps and browns, IVCC compost inoculates soil with beneficial fungi, bacteria, and protozoa that transform nutrients in soil to plant-available forms. Ready-to-apply and easy to use for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as topdressing, soil amendment, lawn repair, seed starting, and more!

Potting Mix: Made of a combination of coco coir, rice hulls, perlite, gypsum, and IVCC's very own 100% pure compost, our potting mix is meticulously crafted to provide optimal growing conditions for everything from flowers to vegetables. Our carefully balanced mix of high quality ingredients and IVCC compost ensures excellent aeration, moisture retention, and supply of nutrients for healthy root development. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, simply fill your pots, planters, or garden beds with our mix and watch your plants thrive!


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