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STESA (Standing Together to End Sexual Assault) & The Isla Vista Survivor Resource Center

Objective: Meet survivors in Isla Vista to providing comprehensive support.


  • In-person support and legal guidance
  • Connections to mental health services
  • 24 Hour Hotline:(805)564-3696


More About STESA: 

The STESA Hotline is the entryway to all of their services. 

When you call, you are connected with a case manager who will help assess which STESA program will be the best fit for your needs.

  • Crisis counseling - immediate  (free)
  • Long term Counseling services (sliding scale)
  • Support groups 
  • Self defense classes


When you call the STESA hotline in Crisis:

The STESA Crisis team responds on the phone and can send an advocate to either

  1. Meet in their home 
  2. At law enforcement 
  3. Or at the survivor resource center 

→ Where you can make a report 

  1. You can make an anonymous report through STESA
    1. None of your information is collected
    2. Your case can still  be investigated 
  2. Or you can file an incident report 
  3. For both options, you can change your mind at any point

→ OR ask questions to STESA  about  all the options that are available to you  and what they might look like


Important to know:

  1. You always have a chance to process and figure out what route is best for you beforehand.
  2. There is an advocate present at all times: they can accompany you to 
    1. medical visits (std, visit witness, forensic) 
    2. law enforcement (restraining orders, meeting with Interpersonal Violence Investigator)
  3. It can be difficult to know what you need at first, advocates can be there to help you explore all of your options to help decide what will be best for you. 


Are you seeking support for a friend or loved one?

→ You can also call as a friend look for ways to support 

→ Significant others of survivors can also  receive services and support from STESA