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Take the Isla Vista Parking Survey!

Take the Isla Vista Parking Survey:

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The Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD) is seeking input about parking in and around Isla Vista. IVCSD hopes that Isla Vista residents, visitors, business owners, and employees, as well as UCSB students, staff, and faculty will respond to this survey. Please share it with your neighbors and community members.


Results will help guide strategy and policy development as part of the Isla Vista Parking Study. The Study includes monthly data collection to evaluate parking utilization trends. Currently there are an estimated 2,776 on-street public parking spaces in Isla Vista. Data captured during the school season between April – June (at 5am, 11am, and 8pm) identified that on-street parking is on average 103% occupied. This significant level of congestion exceeds parking capacity because of unsafe parking behavior (blocked driveways, red curb violations, etc.). Over the summer between July – August the average occupancy rate was 68%.


Additionally, over 40% of vehicles remained parked for more than 8 hours during a day, and there are some vehicles that are rarely moved at all. It has been identified that many vehicles tend to be underutilized while they are in Isla Vista. The 2022 Transportation and Mobility Survey indicated that approximately 75% of residents and UCSB students indicate that they rely on walking, biking, or public transit on a day-to-day basis.


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