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2020 Census Volunteers

Hi everyone,


The Isla Vista Community Services District is seeking volunteers for the IV Counts 2020 effort. We need to make sure each and every person in Isla Vista is counted in the 2020 Census to ensure our community is empowered and funded appropriately. 

Right now Isla Vista (excluding UCSB campus housing) is only at 47% reporting for the US Census compared to 61% at a similar point in 2010. An undercount of this magnitude would severely negatively impact Isla Vista’s funding until the year 2030. Isla Vista is already a "hard to count” community and it is now even more difficult due to COVID-19. With the census being available online, we believe we can still achieve at least 75% reporting. 


We need volunteers to call Isla Vista households and empower residents to fill out the census. Volunteering is done completely remotely and only requires an apple or android smartphone.

Fill out this link to sign up: 


Our IVCSD interns, who’ve already made over 100 calls, will be able to train you.

Thank you for stepping up to ensure Isla Vista counts,