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Balcony Overloading + Prevention

A unique feature of oceanside homes is their large balconies that overlook stunning views. While these balconies can play host to many events and large gatherings, they also pose a large safety risk that needs to be addressed more. This post discusses balcony overloading and why it's an important issue to every Isla Vista resident.

The IVCSD urges residents to be cautious and aware of the weight that is being placed on those balconies. A good rule of thumb is not to exceed 100 pounds per square foot to prevent overloading. With cliff erosion worsening their integrity, balconies have a greater risk than ever to collapse from overloading and a lack of stability. We encourage residents to be extra cautious of what lies below when on balconies, and to be proactive in reporting any damages or structural weakening a balcony has.

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