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 Employment/Vocational Services 

California Department of Rehabilitation

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is a California state department and agency. DOR works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities/disabled people. It administers the largest vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs in the country. 

Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help job seekers with disabilities obtain competitive employment in integrated work settings. Independent living services may include peer support, skill development, systems advocacy, referrals, assistive technology services, transition services, housing assistance, and personal assistance services.

Contact Information: 

  • To determine your eligibility to use DOR’s services, please visit here. 
  • To apply for services and to visit other related links, please visit here. 

Tri-Counties Regional Center

The Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) is one of twenty-one non-profit regional centers in California providing lifelong services and support for people with developmental disabilities residing in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. It provides vocational/employment services, residential support, infant and early child development services, respite care, parent to parent support, and transportation services. All of these services aspire to promote and maintain the independence, dignity, and community care of disabled people and their loved ones. 

View their designated employment services page here. 

Important Note:  The general criteria for regional center services for any person is: Any person believed to have a developmental disability, and any person believed to have a high risk of becoming the parent of a developmentally disabled child, is eligible for initial intake and assessment services. Please be sure to review TCRC’s eligibility criteria page here. 

Contact Information:

  • To email, call, or set up an intake appointment with a TCRC service coordinator, please visit here.  
  • Once an individual is eligible to use TCRC’s services, they will be assigned a service coordinator. They will help them set up an Individualized Program Plan (IPP). This plan helps direct an individual to the appropriate services and ensures that service coordinators actively communicate with individuals and their loved ones. This person-centered support helps service coordinators understand and respond to an individual’s access needs and long-term goals. 

Vocational Rehabilitation Vendors: List of vocational rehabilitation vendors from 211 Santa Barbara