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Isla Vista Move Out 2022

moving out flyer

Isla Vista MOVE OUT DATES: June 8 to June 24, 2022 

When moving out of Isla Vista for the school year it is important to keep in mind the environmental impacts your waste could have on our town. Isla Vista is a small town that can become easily overcrowded with furniture and waste, so we ask that you please be mindful and not leave your belongings behind on the street. Instead, there are several methods in which you can safely get rid of items you do not want while being sustainable to the environment and mindful of our community. 

Make a Plan - Don't Contribute to Waste & Climate Change: 

  • During Move Out 2020, 702,000 pounds of material were collected from Isla Vista streets, down from 1.2 million pounds from 2019, and over 1,100 mattresses were diverted for recycling.
  • Since 2000 the combined amount of material Marborg Industries has removed off the streets of Isla Vista through the Move Out program totals 20,282,000 pounds.
  • Please Plan Accordingly! If property owners or management companies discover abandoned belongings after the official Move Out concludes on June 24, they will need to arrange for, and cover the costs of, the removal of that material. Bulky item pick-ups by Marborg that occur in Isla Vista every Wednesday are for single items ONLY, and may NOT be used to dispose of multiple items as a result of tenants abandoning their belongings. Please plan accordingly!!


2022 Isla vista give sale:  
  • The Isla Vista GIVE Benefit Sale provides an easy way for residents to donate belongings they no longer need or want. The sale makes quality, used items available to community members at inexpensive prices and reduces the tons of trash that would otherwise litter the streets and end up in the county landfill. 
  • The donation drop-off sites include Embarcadero Hall between Wednesday, June 8 - Thursday, June 16 from 8 am - 8pm and Friday, June 17, 8:00 am - 12 noon. The other sites include UCSB Residence Halls on Campus and UCSB Apartments. Click here for all the information about GIVE donation drop-off sites at UCSB and in Isla Vista. 
  • You can also donate your non-perishable items to the IV Community Fridge on the corner of Embarcadero del Norte and Cervantes Road. All of the GIVE Sale drop-off sites will also have a place for non-perishable food items to be donated and taken to the Food Bank.
  • The Isla Vista GIVE Benefit Sale is Saturday, June 18, and Sunday, June 19 from 8am-4pm at Embarcadero Hall.
  • If you are interested in volunteering for the GIVE sale you can email Viviana Marsano
    Donate your Belongings:  
    • Please keep our community clean and free of waste by not dumping your trash or large items in the road or in public spaces like parks.
    • Donating to charities and thrift stores allow the items to be repurposed for others who could use them. Here is a list of a few thrift stores and charities you can donate furniture to:  
    Santa Barbara and VenturaAddressPhone Number
    Thrift Shoppe-United Family Association5156 Hollister Avenue, Goleta805-964-9996
    Alpha Thrift Store700 N. Milpas St.805-964-1123
    Goodwill Industries302 W. Carrillo St.805-899-3807
    Destined for Grace5960 Hollister Avenue805-619-0649
    Thrifty Shopper@Catholic Charities609 R. Haley St.805-966-9659
    Alpha Thrift Store5624 Hollister Avenue805-964-1123
    Boys & Girls Club Thrift Store222 N. Ventura Avenue805-667-8855
    The Salvation Army Family Store1258 Saviers Rd, Oxnard805-247-1215
    Coalition Thrift Store270 E. Main St. Ventura805-643-4411
    ARC Foundation Thrift Store265 E Main St. Ventura805-485-6690



    • DAILY STARTING ON WEDNESDAY 6/8 and ENDING SUNDAY 6/24, Marborg will have trash trucks out Daily in Isla Vista collecting bulky items and other discarded material from the Curbside as well as emptying trash bins.  There will also be a recycle truck in Isla Vista collecting recyclable material on Tuesday 6/14, 6/21 and Friday 6/17 and 6/24.  No construction debris such as carpet, lumber, paint, or green waste.  Marborg will empty trash bins and pick up debris as needed on a daily basis at no charge to residential customers only (no businesses).  Marborg will not be working on Sunday 6/19 due to Fathers Day.
    • DO place your items outside on the curb line every morning during Move Out
    • DO NOT place items on curb after 5pm.
    • DO NOT block access to the sidewalk, keep in mind neighbors who may need to use it while roads are busy during move out.
    • MarBorg will NOT go down driveways or onto private property to pick up any bulky items placed next to a dumpster or dumped at the rear of a property. There will be no exceptions. 
    • The following materials are NOT accepted at curbside: green waste, construction material (e.g. carpet, lumber, paint, etc.), any remodeling material, including dry wall, kitchen, or plumbing fixtures, and hazardous waste.
    • Except at the curb line for disposal during Move Out, ANY upholstered indoor furniture stored on the exterior of ANY structure in Isla Vista is a violation of Chapter 17-9 and is eligible for a $535 citation; no exceptions. This is enforced year-round!
    Regular Trash Pick-up:
    1. Your regular MarBorg trash service will continue during move out
    2. DURING MOVE OUT MarBorg will empty dumpsters, recycle containers, and trash bins DAILY, OR AS NEEDED.
    3. FULL DUMPSTER? Before overflowing, call Marborg at 805-963-1852 and request service. 
    4. Green waste, construction material, carpet, paint, lumber, remodeling material, dry wall, kitchen, or plumbing fixture, and green and hazardous waste DO NOT go into your regular trash bin. Please contact Marborg Industries for additional services to remove construction material at an added cost. You may also drop these off yourself at the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station.
    5. For more information visit:
    Donate Non-perishable Food: 


    • Donate your “in acceptable condition” bike to SBBIKE and it will be refurbished and sold at low cost in the community. For details on drop-off site please click here
    • Bikes abandoned in Isla Vista public areas will be tagged and removed.

    For more information visit:

    Electronic Waste (e-waste) Disposal:
    • State of California law prohibits the disposal of electronic waste (anything with a plug or battery) in the trash or in curbside recycling containers.
    • E-waste includes: Cell phones, printer cartridges, small and large appliances, such as TVs, computers, audio and visual equipment. If something plugs in, charges up, or takes batteries, it is considered e-waste. 
    • Take your e-waste to one of several drop-off sites within the county or set it aside at the curb line during Move Out dates. 
    • Call (805-963-1852) to check Marborg recycling centers' hours of operation and disposal fees, or to schedule a pickup. 
    • Place the batteries in a zip-top plastic bag. 
    • Put the bag on top of (not inside) your recycling container on your normally scheduled recycling collection day.
    • For rechargeable batteries, please tape the ends of each battery with clear tape so that the battery poles are not exposed (skip this step for single-use batteries).
    • For more information visit:
    Green Waste: 


    • In California, it is illegal and dangerous to put hazardous waste in the regular trash. Luckily, there are free, local drop off options for household hazardous waste. Antifreeze, electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, oil (petroleum-based), and paint (both oil and water-based) can be dropped off at MarBorg's Downtown or Goleta recycling centers. Many other items can be dropped off at the Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center at UCSB. Click here for more information. 

    Unwanted household medications can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s substation at 6504 Trigo Road. The station is open Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  



    You are entitled to a move out inspection

    • This inspection can be asked for in a written request, in which the landlord and tenants will all walk through the property to assess damages or alterations made to the property that will result in security deposit deductions. This will help the tenets gauge how much of their deposit they will be getting back. 
    • Make sure you take photos and videos of the place after you move out to have record documentation of the condition you left the place in. Take pictures of each room, walls, windows, floors, and exterior parts of the house. 

    Make sure to read your lease before you move out 

    • Many leases will have stipulations in the contract of what they expect from the lesors before they move out. These stipulations can entail the returning of all house key copies to avoid fees, require tenants to make any repairs by a professional handyman, or obtain professional cleaning services. 

    Security Deposit 

    • To obtain a full security deposit tenants need to ensure they leave the house in the same condition in which they first leased it. This entails making any minor or major repairs such as spackling holes made in the wall, or fixing broken drapes. Tenets should also attempt to clean the house a bit before they leave to avoid any heavy cleaning fee charges from the landlord's professional cleaning service. 

    Rental Housing Mediation Program 

    Sustainable move out tips: 
    Sustainable Move Out Tips.pdf
    For more information visit:

    Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center 


    E-Waste & Household Medications 


    MarBorg Industries: 


    If you have any law enforcement issues during Move Out, including trespassing, please contact the IV Foot Patrol at 805-681-4179.