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Meet the Board

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Spencer Brandt

UCSB Alum, Spencer Brandt has been a member of the IVCSD’s Board of Directors since its inception and is now the Board’s President. Brandt is passionate about improving public safety and community-police relations in Isla Vista.


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Kristie Nguyen

The newest addition to the Board of Directors, Kristie Nguyen is a second year UCSB student majoring in Sociology. Nguyen has been involved in community activism in Isla Vista in a variety of capacities, particularly with the Campus Democrats and the Measure R campaign. Nguyen is passionate about addressing issues such as women’s rights, sexual assault, and public safety in Isla Vista. 

Robert Geis

Current Vice President of the IVCSD Board of Directors and former County of Santa Barbara Auditor-Controller, Bob Geis has a long history of public service in Santa Barbara. With a total of 35 years of experience working in the County, Geis has provided an abundance of expertise to the Board. Geis is passionate about improving public safety in Isla Vista.


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Ethan Bertrand

Ethan Bertrand, student at UCSB studying Political Science, has served on the IVCSD Board of Directors since 2017. With previous roles as a member of the IVRPD Board of Directors, a I.V. community representative for the student government at SBCC, and Board President of the IVCSD, Bertrand is no stranger to public leadership positions. Bertrand is passionate about promoting community activism and equitable representation in Isla Vista.


                                                   Jay Freeman

Long-time resident of Isla Vista and celebrated business man, Jay Freeman has been working to improve conditions in for decades Isla Vista. Freeman is the founder of Cydia, a marketplace app for jailbroken iPhones, and co-founder of the Isla Vista Business Association. Freeman is passionate about improving community policing and infrastructure in Isla Vista.


Jon Hedges

Father Jon-Stephen Hedges has been serving on the IVCSD Board of Directors since its inception. With 30 years of experience in Isla Vista, Hedges is well versed in the many issues our community faces. Hedges has worked as volunteer Chaplain with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department and the Isla Vista Foot Patrol and has also collaborated with Doctors Without Walls.



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George Thurlow

As the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs at UCSB and former board member at the Santa Barbara Foundation, George Thurlow has been active in many community organizations throughout Santa Barbara. As the university appointee on the IVCSD Board, Thurlow provides a unique perspective and promotes IVCSD’s coordination with UCSB.