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Sustainable Transportation Equity Project 

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) awarded $182,158 to IVCSD to develop an equity-based, Community Mobility Plan for Isla Vista. IVCSD will empower Isla Vista residents to identify gaps in the mobility ecosystem, experiment with solutions, and develop a list of priority projects that will increase access to an equitable, affordable, sustainable, and safe multimodal transportation system. The Isla Vista Community Mobility Plan is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment.

The project will consist of a mobility needs assessment, community outreach, pop-ups and demonstration projects, and the creation of a plan containing a list of projects prioritized by community residents for funding and implementation. 

Sub grantees include Isla Vista Youth Projects, Santa Barbara MTD, and Santa Barbara County

Community Partners include Independent Living Resource Center, SBBIKE+COAST, UCSB Office of Sustainability, Cool/Block Empowerment Institute, Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, and Isla Vista Food Cooperative


What is your vision for this project?

We envision an equitable Isla Vista where residents of all ages and abilities are able to move through, to, and from the community safely, using a wide range of accessible and affordable clean mobility options. All of these options will be reliable, efficient, and provide easy access to work, school, and other key destinations in and around Isla Vista. Clean transportation equity will be critical to address fundamental social inequities and to build a more resilient community.

When will community outreach begin?

The Isla Vista Mobility Survey is out and the first step in gather community feedback. Various workshops, pop-ups, and demonstration events will occur from Fall 2021 - March 2023. IVCSD staff, with assistance from community partners, interns, and volunteers, will be responsible for organizing and planning community outreach and engagement activities.

How can I get involved?

This is a community-driven process and the outcomes will be shaped by resident input. We will be hosting community workshops, inviting residents to participate in surveys, hosting demonstrations and pop-up events, canvassing, and more. If you would like to volunteer please contact Sydney Casler at or 805-770-2752 ext. 1. Please sign up for our email updates and follow us on Instagram @islavistacsd & Facebook "Isla Vista Community Services District - IVCSD."

When will the Community Mobility Plan be complete? 

IVCSD staff, with assistance from community partner organizations and volunteers, will be responsible for organizing, planning, and executing community outreach and engagement activities that feed into the existing conditions report, community needs assessment and community mobility plan.  The Community Mobility Plan is proposed to be completed in March 2023. 

Calendar of Events:

Project Steering Committee Agendas:

9.23.21 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf10.26.21 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf11.16.21 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf12.16.21 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf1.20.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf2.24.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf3.24.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf4.28.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf5.19.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf6.15.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf7.14.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf8.17.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf9.22.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf10.13.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf12.1.22 STEP Grant Meeting_Agenda.pdf

2023 Project Steering Committee Schedule 

You are invited to attend the monthly Sustainable Transportation Equity Project meeting. To receive the meeting agenda please contact Sydney Casler at

  • January 19 at 1pm
  • February 16 at 11am
  • March 15 at 11am
  • April 20 at 11am
  • May 18 at 1pm
  • June 22 at 10am 

Monthly meetings will be held via Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 869 6176 0171
  • Passcode: 951687

    2022 Project Steering Committee Schedule 

    • January 20 at 2pm
    • February 24 at 2pm
    • March 24 at 1pm
    • April 14 at 1:30pm
    • May 19 at 1pm
    • June 15 at 1pm
    • July 14 at 1:30pm
    • August 17 at 1pm
    • September 22 at 1pm
    • October 13 at 1:30pm
    • December 1 at 10am

    Sustainable Transportation Pop Up on November 29 from 7am-9am & 1:30pm-4:30pm

    Stop by to participate in a number of activities as we gather your feedback and ideas for improved crosswalks, bus stops, sidewalks, and more! 

    This intersection is part of the route to Isla Vista Elementary School so we really want to hear feedback from families about what would make this intersection safer. 

    Pardall Pop Up Demonstration Event on October 18 from 9am-2pm

    Did you experience the Pardall Pop Up Event on 10/18? Tell us what you thought! 

    • Click here for the English Survey
    • Click here for the Spanish Survey 

    Join us on Tuesday, October 18th for a day of sustainable transportation improvements on Pardall! Come try out new crosswalks, bike boxes, scooter corrals, and much more! 

    The goal of the demonstration:

    • In March of 2022, we received over 1,000 responses to our IV Mobility Survey! Many people requested more crosswalks, safer bike paths, and organized scooter parking.
    • This Transportation Pop-up on Pardall is being held to allow residents of IV to try out the most-requested transportation improvements from the survey in real-time and within their own community.
    • You will see volunteers along Pardall encouraging you to take a survey so we can gather even more feedback on these transportation improvements.
    • IVCSD is committed to creating an Isla Vista Mobility Plan from your feedback!

    Are you interested in volunteering at the event? Sign up here

    These installations will only be on Pardall for one day so be sure you stop by to learn more! 

    Isla Vista Mobility Plan Workshop on May 25 at 6pm

    You are invited to help us develop Isla Vista’s first equity-based Community Mobility Plan on Wednesday, May 25th from 6pm-7:30pm at the Isla Vista Community Center, located at 976 Embarcadero Del Mar.

    The goal of the meeting is:

    • To participate in group conversations and activities that will help us improve getting around Isla Vista.
    • To discuss all forms of mobility and transportation such as parking, sidewalks, bike lanes, buses, e-scooters, and more.
    • To expand upon the latest community feedback received from our mobility survey.
    • Share upcoming engagement opportunities and ways to get involved.
    • Answer any questions.

    Spanish interpretation, ASL interpretation, and Mandarin interpretation will be available. Childcare and dinner will be provided. There will be raffle prizes including a bike, a NorthFace backpack, a Hydro Flask, and a skateboard. The Community Center is wheelchair accessible and handicap parking is available in the parking lot. Please enter through the main door, located on the Southside of the Community Center. 

    Please RSVP here and if you have any additional questions or request additional accommodations, please contact Sydney Casler, Community Engagement Director, at or 805-770-2752 ext. 1. 


    IVCSD Lighting Walk on February 23 at 6pm

    We will be hosting a Lighting Walk on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6pm. We will meet at the Isla Vista Community Center, provide a brief orientation, then head out in groups to assigned areas.

    We will identify dim/out street lights, gaps in lighting, and anything else that would benefit future improvements. All changes will be tracked with the SeeClickFix app. 

    These improvements will not only build a more secure community but support pedestrian and bicycle safety throughout Isla Vista.

    Meeting Recordings & Summaries:

    Transportation Town Hall Recording

    Transportation Town Hall Summary.pdfResumen de la Reunión Comunitaria sobre Transporte.pdf

    Past Events: 

    Virtual Isla Vista Transportation Town Hall on Wednesday, November 17th from 6pm-7pm via zoom.

    If you are unable to attend, we welcome you to submit a public comment here to share with us. 

    May contain: person, human, bicycle, transportation, vehicle, bike, advertisement, flyer, brochure, poster, paper, wheel, and machine


    Reunión del Ayuntamiento de Isla Vista sobre el transporte el miércoles 17 de noviembre de 6 pm a 7 pm a través de Zoom.

    Si no puede asistir, le invitamos a que nos envíe un comentario público aquí

    May contain: person, human, advertisement, flyer, brochure, poster, paper, bicycle, transportation, vehicle, bike, wheel, and machine


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