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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. After a year of dedicated efforts, the Isla Vista Compost Collective (IVCC) proudly relaunches our collection service! Exactly one year since the pause of our food scrap collection, we're ready to pedal through Isla Vista once again, with orange buckets brimming with promise. With every doorstep we visit, we renew our pledge to reduce waste, nourish the soil, and pave the way for a greener future. Your unwavering support, dedication to conscious living, and belief in positive change have led us to this moment.

Through community dedication, volunteers, and partners, we've established a seamless composting system that matches collection demand, creating a closed-loop system. Since 2017, IVCC diverted over 70,000 pounds of organic waste from landfills.

Moreover, we're excited to share our first successful compost sale, bridging waste collection and soil revival. We're also working on a fair fee structure for our collection service's sustainability. By using both collection fees and compost sales as a source of revenue, and leaning on our community buy-in and support, we hope to sustainably expand both services to eventually reach our entire community.

Your food scraps now complete the cycle; nourishing our environment and embodying our community's commitment to positive change. Join us in creating a future where our waste becomes beauty and sustainability is our second nature.

As IVCC reintroduces its collection service, we invite you to help create a greener Isla Vista for generations to come. 

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