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Your Guide to See Click Fix 

What is SeeClickFix? 

SeeClickFix is an issue reporting app which allows people to detail neighborhood issues to local governmental bodies. The IVCSD  has partnered with See Click Fix for their IV Beautiful Program. This program works to enhance our community by allowing residents to report quality of life issues. This app is free for its users, and allows residents of Isla Vista to report graffiti, vandalism, dim or absent street lighting, obstructions to the right of way and public garbage. 

What is the Isla Vista Beautiful Program? 

The IVCSD began this program in 2019 in an effort to enhance the community by offering job opportunities to individuals experiencing homelessness. The Beautification program aims to empower the most vulnerable residents while enhancing the future of our community. Since the program began, IV Beautiful has completed 2,555 service requests and counting for various cleaning and landscape tasks. You can find that updated number here.  Partnering with the See Click Fix App residents can download the app on any mobile device, and report issues for the Beautification team to address. 

How to use the app? 

  • Download the SeeClickFiix app
  • Select new request 
  • Enable location services and mark the area that needs to be addressed
  • Select the category the issue falls under (e.g.: Broken/ vandalized public property, Graffitti, Landscaping, Street light is out or dim) 
  • Take a photo and upload the picture to the app
  • Then write a short description detailing the issue and submit your request
  • You request will then be viewed by a beautification manager and addressed in a timely fashion 
  • The app will notify users when requests they have submitted have been resolved 

Helpful Links  

  • To download the App: Android or Iphone
  • To report using the website
  • For more information about the IV Beautiful program and SeeClickFix click here